Quick-Start Guide

Here’s the quickest way to enjoy your first Pantelligent meal:

  1. Purchase one 6oz. salmon fillet (refrigerated, not frozen), plus oil, butter, salt, and pepper.

  2. Install the Pantelligent app on your smartphone.

  3. Start the Simple Salmon recipe:

    1. Launch Pantelligent app.

    2. Tap top-left menu button to open the main menu, and click “Recipes”.

    3. Select "Simple Salmon", and read recipe prep steps.

    4. As instructed, add salt & pepper to salmon fillet, and oil and butter to pan.

    5. Tap "Start Cooking!". Carefully measure the thickest part of the salmon and enter the thickness when prompted.

    6. Hold your phone to the side of Pantelligent’s handle. In a few seconds, the phone will connect to the pan.

    7. When instructed, turn on your stove, and heat the pan to the indicated temperature.

    8. If you don’t hear auditory alerts for each step, check the volume on your smartphone.

    9. Continue to follow all instructions. Do not put the salmon in until instructed by the app.

    10. The Pantelligent app will provide on-screen and audio feedback for you to adjust your stove, but you should follow along with the live temperature graph, adjusting the heat level to match the ideal temperature curve as shown. This will become easier with practice as you gain a feel for your stove.

    11. The app will indicate when to flip, and when you’re finished.

  4. Enjoy your meal!
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