What is Pantelligent Autopilot?

Pantelligent Autopilot is a feature that allows your Pantelligent to control the heat while you cook automatically. You just need to add ingredients and stir when notified, and server your meal when it's done! This sets you free to work on a side dish, keep an eye on the kids, or just relax.

Autopilot just requires two additional accessories, a countertop electric burner and an WiFi-enabled power switch. The rest is already built into the software, and your existing Pantelligent will connect to the power switch and hot plate automatically once you enable Autopilot inside the app!

For the initial launch of Autopilot, we recommend the following two accessories, as they have undergone extensive testing. They can be purchased from Amazon and other retailers for about $100 total.

Countertop electric hot plate

Waring SB30 1300-Watt Portable Single Burner

WiFi enabled power switch

WeMo Wi-Fi Enabled Switch or WeMo Insight Wi-Fi Enabled Switch

In the future, we plan to certify additional models that would be compatible with Pantelligent Autopilot. But for now, we recommend you stick to the two accessories listed.

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