How do I setup and use Autopilot?

Before You Start

First, make sure you have the two accessories needed for Autopilot:

Waring SB30 1300-Watt Portable Single Burner

WeMo Wi-Fi Enabled Switch or WeMo Insight Wi-Fi Enabled Switch


How To Setup

For full setup instructions, please refer to our Autopilot Setup Guide.


Cooking With Autopilot

Once you have correctly setup your hotplate and WeMo Switch and enabled Autopilot inside the Pantelligent app, you will be given the option to cook on Autopilot every time you start a recipe.

Simply confirm that you will be cooking on Autopilot, and then connect to your Pantelligent like normal. The Pantelligent app will still alert you if you need to add ingredients, stir or flip, but the Autopilot software does the rest by making sure your pan is at the optimal cooking temperature.

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